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Every event has different needs. We offer a suite of products, services and solutions through a unique service-partnership approach to help you deliver a rich and rewarding event experience. What we can do:


Help conceptualise the event format and design.


Advise on layout design, venue styling, security and business continuity plans, especially useful for organisers who are new to hosting their event in Singapore.


Promote your event through advertising on media platforms and tapping on the databases of external partners.

service partners

Work with certified service partners to provide accommodation, event security, off-site experiences, transport, building and construction, and other logistical needs.

Optimise experience

Optimise your participants’ digital experience with our high-density Wi-Fi infrastructure and other technologies.


Work with our network of green suppliers on other sustainability initiatives in addition to existing practices.


Collaborate with start-ups on new-to-market events through our incubation programme, Innovation Garage, which offers preferential pricing and advisory services.

quick & convenient

Provide quick and convenient assistance on booth set-ups, F&B requirements, technology services and other exhibitor requests via a new web-based Exhibitor Service Centre.

Plan Your Event

You need a partner to collaborate on an immersive and engaging event. We provide a one-stop, seamless service, together with our trusted partners, to deliver the best event experience. You can be assured that nothing will slip through the cracks by letting us take care of all the details.

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