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01Wi-Fi Service

In this day and age, visitors attending your event will expect to be instantly connected to the internet. For that reason, you will want to provide them with a seamless Wi-Fi experience and not to leave them exasperated.

At Singapore EXPO & MAX Atria, we offer scalable event technology solutions to meet any of your networking requirements. Regardless of the scale of your event, we can assist to design and deploy a custom wireless or wired network that will offer you and your attendees the best experience. Together we can ensure your network connection is a fast and seamless experience for everyone. Get yourself connected today.

Complimentary Wi-Fi Service​​​

We provide complimentary Wi-Fi service of up to 10 Mbps for all visitors, which includes:

  • Connectivity to approximately 15,000 concurrent devices, across 123,000sqm of the venue.
  • Suitable for visitors and event attendees with basic requirements like checking of emails, normal internet browsing and surfing of social media platforms
  • The devices need to be 5 GHz enabled for optimal performance. Devices on 2.4 GHz will be supported on a best effort basis
Customised Wireless Service

On demand, we can provide tailored WI-FI services to suit the specific needs of your event.

  • Customised bandwidth beyond 10 Mbps and higher density requirements.
  • Support for special requirements like live streaming, multi-device connectivity and access to robotic devices, digital kiosks etc.
02Wired Service Options

Our Wired Infrastructure is supported by our network partner StarHub. On request, we can provide wired services customised to Exhibitor’s needs.

  • LAN connectivity
  • High speed networks and Internet services
  • Cabling Services
03Exhibitor Service Centre

A newly launched web-based web-shop allowing organisers and exhibitors (i.e. exhibitors) access and place order on a range of services and assistance from booth set-ups, to F&B requirements and technology services.

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Plan Your Event

You need a partner to collaborate on an immersive and engaging event. We provide a one-stop, seamless service, together with our trusted partners, to deliver the best event experience. You can be assured that nothing will slip through the cracks by letting us take care of all the details.

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